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Why are test strips manufactured by ITS superior? Our test strips combine sensitivity and safety. That’s how SenSafe™ test strips got their name. What makes them unique is the patented aperture (window) technology. This unique design allows for the lowest sensitivity possible on a test strip. SenSafe™ test strips, when dipped in a water sample with a back and forth motion, allow the aqueous solution to pass through the thin membrane as shown in the graphic. Coupled with this design is another unique feature: the SenSafe™ test strips contain only 1/100th the amount of chemical compared to most common 10mL test strips. We strive to make our tests environmentally-friendly and accurate while making complex chemistry simple.


WaterWorks™ strips are designed using a combination of patented and proprietary chemistries. All needed reagents are precisely impregnated on the test pad. In comparison to standard powdered reagents, WaterWorks™ strips use approximately 1/100th the amount of chemicals. Designed to yield semi-quantitative and quantitative results, WaterWorks™ strips are ideal for use for many water testing needs.

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