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eXact LEADQuick Water Test Kit

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Innovative, simple to use, on-site photometer. Complete with reagents for testing Lead in water.

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  • On-site testing for Lead, Mercury and Cadmium in water
  • Meter can also be used to detect Lead in paint, soil, glassware, crystal and ceramics
  • Accurate results with fewer steps
  • Non-technical procedure 
  • 3 ppb (µg/L) or 0.03 µg Lead detection
  • Affordable cost per test 
  • Uses patented test strip technology for safe and reliable reagent addition  
  • Easy to read LCD display (no guessing with colour matching)
  • Environmentally friendly (recyclable parts and uses 60% less reagents than standard 10ml sample tests)

Kit Contents (General Kit, Cat no 486900-W)

  • 1 x 476 nm Photometer
  • 1 x Lead in Water Reagent Set # 486901 
  • 1 x Carry case
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x User Manual



Tests for





Diluted Homogenized paint lead0 to 1.990.0010.003 or 6% 
Lead in water (auto-zero)1 - 500 µg/L1 µg/L3 µg/L or 6%3 µg/L
Mercury in water (auto-zero)10 - 600 µg/L1 µg/L6 µg/L or 6%10 µg/L
Cadmium in water (auto-zero)0.01 - 0.80 mg/L0.01 mg/L0.06 mg/L or 6%0.02 mg/L
Future or Custom tests (absorbance)0 - 1.99 abs0.001 abs0.002 or 2% abs 
Lead in water1 - 500 µg/L1 µg/L3 µg/L or 6%3 µg/L
Modified test for lead in soil18 - 3000 mg/kg
200 - 300,000 
18 mg/kg
200 mg/kg 
Lead extracted from ceramic1 - 500 µg/L1 µg/L3 µg/L or 6%3 µg/L
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