eXact Chlorine PLUS photometer

This photometer has been superceeded by the Chlorine + eXact EZ

eXact Chlorine PLUS photometer for sanitiser/oxidiser testing. Ideal for testing process water and for testing water used in renal dialysis. Reagents are to be ordered separately.

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  • USEPA compliant meter for direct measure of Free & Total Chlorine
  • 0.01 mg/l (ppm) resolution
  • Built-in permanant cell (no loose glass or plastic cells; simply fill or dip into water)
  • Automatic countdown timer
  • Incorporates eXact® Strip technology (no messy liquids or reagents)
  • Waterproof meter (IP67) and it floats
  • Handy size for mobile testing  
  • Easy to read LCD display (no guessing with colour matching)
  • Environmentally friendly (recyclable parts and uses 60% less reagents than standard 10ml sample tests)


Part Number



Bromine (DPD-1)S4866370 - 14 ppmDPD
Chlorine dioxideS4866370 - 12 ppmDPD + Glycine
Chlorine, Free (DPD-1)S4866370 -11 ppmDPD
Chlorine, Total (DPD-3)S4866380 - 11 ppmKI
Chlorine, Total (DPD-4)S4866700 - 11 ppmKI + DPD
Chlorine HRS4866720 - 300 ppmKI + Buffer
Hydrogen peroxide LRS4866160 - 3 ppmDPD + PO4 + MoO4 + KI
OzoneS4866700.01 - 9 ppmDPD + KI
Peracetic acidS4866700 - 9 ppmDPD + KI
pHS4866396.2 - 8.4 Phenol red
Glycine (Chlorine elimination)S484014N/A 
Kit Contents
  • 1x eXact Chlorine PLUS Photometer
  • 1x User Manual
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