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Apera PH60-Z Smart Pocket pH Tester

Quick Overview

The Apera 60-Z Series Smart Multi-parameter Pocket Tester is the next-generation water tester designed for providing seamless water test experience. Reliable and accurate measurement of pH, conductivity, TDS, ORP, resistivity, and temperature has become easier than ever.

Say goodbye to all the hassle and tedious manual reading when performing water analysis. Just connect the tester to your smartphone, the step-by-step smart guides will lead you to become a water test pro with just a few taps.Save and share your measurement and calibration data right on your phone via email. Data will never be lost thanks to the cloud-based data system.

Don’t have your phone with you or phone battery is low? No problem. The tester can also be used as a conventional tester with full measurement and calibration functions without a smartphone and lasts for hundreds of hours powered by AAA batteries.

Part #: ST-pH60-Z

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