Water Quality Test Kit

The Water Quality Test Kit is an all-in-one water testing kit comprising of tests for several of the most common contaminants found in drinking water. These tests include bacteria, chloride, free chlorine, total chlorine, copper, total hardness, hydrogen sulfide, iron and lead. This water testing kit is perfect for home use; it's simple, fast and cheap.

No harsh chemicals or expensive equipment needed, and the results are easy to see and record. Particularly useful for monitoring of wells, but also suitable for testing tap, tank or pool water.

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Tests included in kit

  • 2 x total alkalinity
  • 1 x bacteria presence/absence
  • 2 x chloride
  • 2 x free chlorine
  • 2 x total chlorine
  • 2 x copper
  • 2 x total hardness
  • 2 x hydrogen sulfide
  • 2 x iron
  • 1 x lead
  • 2 x nitrate/nitrie nitrogen
  • 1 x pesticide
  • 2 x pH
  • 2 x sulphate


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